our story

It all started one day when I went into my local grocery store in search of a tasty and healthy protein bar. I knew that it had to be nut-free since my wife is severely allergic to tree nuts; however, I was soon disappointed to note that most of them contained either almonds or cashews, not to mention refined sugars or mystery sweeteners that were masquerading as “healthy”. Whatever happened to imagination and innovation? Feeling hangry and frustrated, I stumbled out into the pouring rain, resolving, “there has to be a better way!!” 

So, despite being a career engineer with no formal culinary training, I set out to invent yummy plant-based protein bars that could be enjoyed by (almost) anyone! Two years, one hundred recipes, and many late nights later, the best solution turned out to be surprisingly simple: use only a short list of whole, plant-based ingredients, while leaving out refined sugars, common allergens, and any weird crap that doesn’t resemble actual food.  

Available in exciting next level flavours, we began to enjoy my protein bars on a daily basis, whether stuck in the office or out on a day hike. We eventually figured that they were just too darn good to keep to ourselves so we decided to share them with the world!


Eric Lofgren,

founder and recovering engineer