Dear Fundraiser:

Whether you are fundraising for a sports club, the performing arts, the grad committee or any registered charity, next level foods can help you achieve your goals. Let us be your fundraising partner by setting you up with your own free, personalized web page that enables you to directly engage with your fundraising community while also attracting new participants to your cause. Without leaving the comfort of their home (or phone), your participants can learn about your cause and use our secure online system to order next level’s deliciously clean, plant-based protein bars, with a fixed portion of sales donated directly to the fundraising cause. Our goal is to provide a frictionless, reliable fundraising experience along with next level nutrition from our radically simple protein bars.

Here are even more reasons to choose next level foods as your fundraising partner:

  • Product is not bought on consignment by the fundraiser, thereby eliminating risk. Rather, the fundraiser’s participants purchase product directly from the secure fundraising web page that we set up, thereby eliminating the need for the consignment model.
  • Ten dollars from every purchased case of 12 radically simple protein bars is securely donated by next level foods to the fundraising cause or organization. With each case of 12 bars value-priced at $41.88 (or $3.49 per bar), the $10 donation represents an impressive 24% return.
  • We know that free shipping is important to consumers, which is why we offer free shipping in BC on orders of two or more cases.
  • Gone are the days of fundraising with doughnuts or chocolate-covered almonds. Representing the next level in plant-based snacking, our radically simple protein bars remind of fudgy brownies, but are made with only a handful of clean ingredients that are free of added sweeteners and allergens, differentiating us from the vast majority of protein bars that often include animal-derived proteins, ultra-processed ingredients, allergens, or added sweeteners.

Join us on our mission to lead consumers toward a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle – while achieving your fundraising goals at the same time. We look forward to discussing the details of your fundraising cause and how we can best partner together to help you achieve your goals.

Thank you,

Eric Lofgren, Founder